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Olivarum... the New Oil Experience starts the 20th October (3)

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As every year, October and November is the time of olive picking and production of the local extra virgin olive oil. We are offering you the opportunity to discover these ancient traditions and skills of the countryside near Matera and to join in the olive picking, and activity which was, and still is, of great economic importance in this area.

You will have the possibility to live a fascinating and impressive experience in the town of Bernalda (close to Matera) where there still are a large number of olive groves with trees that can be over hundred year old. You will pick olives as the local people do it, spending a whole day in the countryside eating a pic nic with the traditional food prepared expressly for this occasion.

At the olive mill you will take part to the olive pressing, experiencing the traditional system as well as the most innovative one. You will be guided to taste the extra virgin olive oil and, at the end of this charming experience, you will have your own fresh made extra virgin olive oil, produced with the olives you have picked!



First day:         Afternoon – Arrival at the hotel (free evening)

Second day:     08.00 a.m. Breakfast at the hotel

                        09.00 a.m. Transfer to the olive groves and olive picking

                        01.00 p.m. Break and traditional

                        04.00 p.m. Transfer to the hotel and free evening

Thrid day:         08.00 a.m. Breakfast at the hotel

                        10.00 a.m. Visit to the olive mill, basic oil tasting lesson and collection freshly

                                         made extra virgin olive oil

                        01.00 p.m. Transfer to the hotel and light lunch

                        04.00 p.m. Check-out



Price: € 220,00 per persona

Notes: We suggest casual wearing. The traditional pic nic and the brunch are included. Each participant will receive at least 2lt of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil. The program will be confirmed as soon as we reach the minimum number of participants.


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