Garden & Pool

The Mediterranean garden, enriched by olive  trees,  oranges and  pomegranates, looks like a piece  of authentic  rural life.

The pool,  in the quiet  of the wooded park,  allows  the eye  to aim  up  to the blue  of the Jonian Sea.  The large  solarium and  the shaded balcony offer a quiet lounge under the open sky, perfect  to enjoy a  dimension of absolute tranquillity.

Immersed in an oasis of olive trees, pomegranates and green meadows, the white and blood-reddish tones of its rooms and cottages open onto small courtyards and stone layered alleys leading to the swimming pool, Giardino Giamperduto offers guests a unique and exclusive ambience, ideal for moments of calm to rejuvenate from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Giardino Giamperduto welcomes guests each morning with a hearty breakfast buffet made of authentic local dishes prepared with natural ingredients and authentic flavors and aromas reminiscent of ancient times.

An invitation to rediscover the harmony and to experience relaxation, surrounded by the silence of nature, in a serene atmosphere that leads to the search of self.



The Beach